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As a leading customer engagement agency that specializes in creating meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships, our talented and passionate employees are central to everything we do. If you're interested in helping us create engagement programs for some of the world's leading brands, check out the list of available opportunities below.

Once you've found the perfect job for yourself, we need to know the nitty gritty details of your employment history, your email, and all you've got to offer. When applying for a role at Rosetta, we encourage you to link to your portfolio or social networks, and showcase what makes you special. Have fun!

84 Jobs Available

    Job reference Job title City
    ROS00213 .Net/ Sitecore Developer Cleveland
    ROS00650 A&O Intern New York
    ROS00644 Adobe Experience Manager Solution Architect San Francisco
    ROS00643 Adobe Technology Lead San Francisco
    ROS00646 AEM Developer San Francisco
    ROS00566 AEM Developer Cleveland
    ROS00809 AEM/CQ Solution Architect Los Angeles
    ROS00812 Analytics & Optimization New York
    ROS00241 Analytics & Optimization Intern (Summer 2015) Cleveland
    ROS00758 Analytics and Optimization New York
    ROS00623 Analytics and Optimization Manager Los Angeles
    ROS00819 Art Director San Francisco
    ROS00310 Associate A&O (NY College) New York
    ROS00797 Associate Consultant New York
    ROS00279 Associate Creative Engineer (Front-End Developer, 2015 Graduates) San Luis Obispo
    ROS00813 Associate Software Engineer Cleveland
    ROS00424 Brand & Interaction Planning Director San Francisco
    ROS00418 Business Analyst Cleveland
    ROS00025 Client Technical Lead, AEM Cleveland
    ROS00560 Client Technical Lead, Websphere Commerce Cleveland
    ROS00657 Consultant New York
    ROS00731 Creative Director, Copy San Francisco
    ROS00561 Creative Engineering | Front-End Developer Cleveland
    ROS00631 CRM Director New York
    ROS00562 Database Administrator (DB2) Cleveland
    ROS00033 Database Administrator, Oracle Cleveland
    ROS00563 Demandware Architect Cleveland
    ROS00670 Demandware Developer (Back-End) Cleveland
    ROS00669 Demandware Front-End Developer Cleveland
    ROS00667 Demandware Solution Architect Cleveland
    ROS00331 Digital Design Intern (Summer 2015) Los Angeles
    ROS00332 Digital Design Intern (Summer 2015) San Luis Obispo
    ROS00741 Digital Program Director New York
    ROS00762 Digital Project Manager New York
    ROS00660 Director, Rosetta Consulting New York
    ROS00688 Director, Strategic Planning New York
    ROS00544 Director, Strategic Planning Los Angeles
    ROS00678 Email Marketing Manager Los Angeles
    ROS00267 Front-End Developer (2015 College Graduates) Cleveland
    ROS00578 Front-End Development Director New York
    ROS00607 Global Expansion Intern Cleveland
    ROS00079 Infrastructure Engineer San Luis Obispo
    ROS00271 Infrastructure Engineer (2015 College Graduates) Cleveland
    ROS00325 Infrastructure Engineer Intern (Summer 2015) Cleveland
    ROS00052 Infrastructure Engineer, UNIX/ Linux Cleveland
    ROS00335 Interactive Designer (2015 Graduates) San Luis Obispo
    ROS00595 Interactive Designer (2015 Graduates) Los Angeles
    ROS00320 Interactive Designer (Summer 2015 Internship) Cleveland
    ROS00321 Interactive Designer Associate (2015 Graduate) Cleveland
    ROS00565 Java Developer Cleveland
    ROS00654 Marketing Project Manager San Francisco
    ROS00742 Producer New York
    ROS00805 Product Specialist Los Angeles
    ROS00816 Resource Coordinator San Francisco
    ROS00308 Resource Manager New York
    ROS00808 Senior Data Engineer Los Angeles
    ROS00737 Senior Front-end Developer San Luis Obispo
    ROS00651 Senior Front-end Developer Los Angeles
    ROS00714 Senior Software Engineer Los Angeles
    ROS00703 Senior Software Engineer San Luis Obispo
    ROS00502 Senior Vice President, Business Development Partner New York
    ROS00756 Software Engineer San Luis Obispo
    ROS00258 Software Engineer (2015 College Graduates) Cleveland
    ROS00270 Software Engineering Intern Cleveland
    ROS00572 Solution Architect .Net/ Sitecore Cleveland
    ROS00574 Solution Architect, AEM Cleveland
    ROS00739 Solution Architect, Java Cleveland
    ROS00602 Solution Architect, WCS Cleveland
    ROS00749 Sr. Digital Project Manager New York
    ROS00786 Strategic Planner New York
    ROS00785 Strategic Planner New York
    ROS00787 Strategic Planner New York
    ROS00806 SVP, Project Management New York
    ROS00656 Technology Director San Luis Obispo
    ROS00736 UK Technology Lead London
    ROS00460 Vice President, Technology San Luis Obispo
    ROS00171 VP Solutions Architect San Francisco
    ROS00611 VP, Account Management - NY New York
    ROS00653 VP, Brand & Interaction Planning New York
    ROS00575 WCS Client Technical Lead Cleveland
    ROS00648 WCS Developer Dallas
    ROS00573 WCS Developer Cleveland
    ROS00733 WCS Senior Developer Cleveland
    ROS00761 Web Analytics Project Manager New York

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