Head, Heart, and Shoulders
Tom Adamski, 1972–2015

How We Get It Right

Delivering Customer Engagement is complex and takes commitment. It requires a deep and evolving understanding of your consumer, actionable insights, next generation platforms and experiences.

“We know loyal customers spend more money, contribute to organic customer acquisition and supply data and insights that help us make better decisions. Our focus is on growing these types of engagements—the benefits are too great to pass up.”

Our Approach





15+ years experience in consulting

500+ personality-based segmentations across every major industry

We have unmatched experience and expertise in discovering unique insights about your best customers and their demand behaviors.


250+ next-generation commerce implementations

400+ technology experts

We design, build and optimize commerce and content environments to drive conversions throughout the cross-channel ecosystem.


150+ product launches in more than 30 countries

600+ web and mobile solutions

We create targeted and personalized experiences based on attitudes, buying habits, life stages and specific moments across the customer journey.

Case Studies

We help the world’s leading brands create engagement with their customers and accelerate growth. Our case studies are blinded because the work we do for our clients sits at the heart of their competitive advantage and we respect the need for their confidentiality.

“Reducing your customer defection rate by 5% can increase your profitability by 25 to 125%.”