Rosetta is a consulting-centered interactive agency engineered to transform marketing for the connected world. We are focused on helping progressive marketers drive material business impact by translating deep consumer insights into personally relevant brand experiences across touch points and over time.


Culture isn't something found in mission statements or sales pitches. It's found in hallways and conference rooms, around ping pong tables and local bars. Culture shows itself at 11PM the night before a new business pitch, when we're all in it together. It steps up the moment a client loses their focus or becomes overwhelmed by realities, when we must take their hand and lead them into the unknown. It is coded into the solutions we'll build for a non-profit organization…on our own time…and over a weekend, when we give more than is asked because it is the right thing to do.

At Rosetta, culture is embedded in how we see ourselves - as Pilots, Inventors and Builders for a Connected World. From the youngest team member to the most seasoned executive, we're all expected to lead those who need guidance, to invent new solutions to the most challenging problems, and make real what we conceive in our imaginations. Ours is a culture of doing and delivering, of giving and proving, of supporting and nurturing, of building trust and earning trust. It's all that, and fuzzy bunnies, rooftop parties and beer Fridays, too.

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Rosetta's Mission is to be a catalyst for growth to the world's most innovative brands by translating unique consumer insights into integrated marketing programs, platforms and products that inspire people and deliver material and measurable business impact.


Rosetta's Vision is to foster trusted relationships across clients and team members that drive marketing transformation by challenging the status quo and bonding customers to brands through interactions that shape behavior, drive preference and create loyalty.



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