Blending strategy, ideas, creative, user experience and technology, the integrated "three gear" services we have developed work together to uniquely drive marketing transformation.

An industry-first game changer

The Rosetta Consulting Practice (RCP) is a key differentiator for Rosetta. In an industry-first game changer, the RCP focuses classic strategy consulting horsepower on Sales & Marketing Business Problems with a “beyond PowerPoint®, must lead to execution” mindset. Rosetta’s RCP leadership couples consulting talent from McKinsey & Monitor with marketing and analytic savvy from industry giants P&G, Nielsen and IRI. The Rosetta Consulting Practice helps senior marketers address a variety of strategic issues and questions, which include:

  • Where are the opportunities for growth?
  • Which opportunities and which customers do we want to target?
  • How can we best maximize the launch of new products?
  • How can we accelerate the growth of existing products?
  • Who are our best customers? What do they want? How can we better serve them (and find more like them)?
  • How can we improve our differentiation in the marketplace?
  • How do we improve our product, marketing, and organization to activate the opportunities we see?
  • How do we measure and improve?
  • Where can we improve the performance of their ongoing marketing efforts?

To address these and many other strategic questions, the RCP leads 5 types of client engagements— Market Opportunity Assessment and Sizing; Personality® Segmentation; Value Proposition, Positioning and Messaging Development; Creating Advanced Customer Targeting Tools; Advanced Market Research and Business Tracking; Marketing Best Practices and Capabilities Development.