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Rosetta + Sallie Mae

Rosetta developed Sallie Mae’s media optimization strategy to enable paid search, affiliate and display channels to work together to drive consumer engagement, which decreased cost per conversion by 50% and increased paid search market share by 100%.


We believe that customer insights are at the root of every business solution. By building upon customer insights from our Personality Segmentation process, we optimize marketing investment and design programs to reach your customers in the right place on their journey, at the right time, through their channel of preference. Through robust campaign management, we are able to design and execute a media mix that indicates where you should be investing to reach your most profitable customers. With comprehensive analytics, we are able to use real-time data for agile optimization and faster business impact.

Our online marketing optimization strategy will allow:

Our Expertise

While Rosetta can successfully execute siloed media campaigns, true business problems are solved when embarking on the online marketing optimization journey. Using our data-driven insights as the guiding light, they allow us to identify your best customers, their channel of preference and from that data, we design a cohesive and multi-layered media strategy all while measuring interactions and optimizing campaigns based off of that real-time data. Through understanding how your customers interact with channels and how those channels influence each other, we are able to optimize your interactive marketing spend.

Our Experience

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Our Approach

The digital marketplace is changing, and your digital marketing needs to change with it. Over the years, platforms and media type have emerged that make the digital world more complex than ever. The rapid change in the space has made it easier for consumers to access digital media, but harder for brands to keep up with change. This shift requires you to answer three fundamental business questions:

This change and the new questions it raises require a unique marketing approach and a partner who can help you navigate through this changing landscape. Our approach is based on core principles that acknowledge the changing digital media landscape. Our consulting-driven operating philosophy leverages data-driven customer insights to align media strategy to solve business problems and foster agile optimization.

Maria DePanfilis

Maria has 15 years experience in developing and implementing best measurement practices to optimize results. She started her career in direct marketing, building statistical response models for Columbia House. Her specialty is in developing measurement plans that directly translate business objectives into quantifiable, multi-channel behavioral goals that can be optimized over time. She incorporates best in class approaches that can work in digital, social and offline channels. Contact Maria DePanfilis.Contact Maria DePanfilis

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