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Rosetta + Juvederm

Rosetta leveraged our patented Personality Segmentation process to create detailed audience profiles to power Juvederm’s CRM and online initiatives as well as iPhone and iPad apps to connect targeted audiences with product and purchase information to increase sales.


Businesses have traditionally designed their products and marketing programs around understanding what and how an average customer buys, while expecting better than average results. Better results require businesses to additionally understand who their most valuable customers are, why customers buy from them, and how to differentiate offerings to maximize business results.

At Rosetta, we define the underlying drivers of customer demand and engagement to:

Our Expertise

Our DNA is in consulting. We operate with deep expertise across multiple industries to become trusted partners to our clients’ Brand Leadership and Product Development executives, working together to:

Our Experience

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Our Approach

Rosetta delivers fully scalable, consulting-centered insights by focusing on better inputs, better math, and better actionability. Driven by the commitment to see a completely holistic view of category demand, Rosetta’s segmentation results are precise, yet large enough to drive business impact and ultimately, a better commercial ROI.

Jay Lichtenstein

As a Managing Partner at Rosetta, Jay focuses on the development of high-impact marketing strategy based on a deep understanding of the customer. Jay primarily works in the Communications, Technology and Media vertical but has been known to venture within other verticals with clients such as HSBC, American Greetings, and Lehman. Jay's industry leading experience includes segmentations, brand positioning, and growth strategies in solving our clients' most critical marketing challenges. Contact Jay Lichtenstein.Contact Jay Lichtenstein

Personality-Based SegmentationTM

Learn more about Personality Based SegmentationTM, our unique and patented approach to identifying the customers best aligned with your brand promise based on their needs, attitudes and preference behaviors.